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A lot of folks here know I use Tru-oil a lot for my finishes.  Six Gun Guitars has some good info about it.  Check out Six Gun's YouTube channel for more tips & tricks

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My husband carves gun stocks and has used Tru-Oil for years. I use it to finish all of my cbg necks. Problem I've had is that it skins over in the bottle so quickly, that half the bottle is wasted. Just learned 2 new tricks from a fellow woodcarver.

Pour out what you think you'll need, into one of those single serve yogurt cups. Heat in microwave for 5 seconds. Thins it down so it really spreads great and penetrates deep.

Close bottle immediately. Blow into the bottle, and while continuing to blow, put the cap back on and tighten down. Blowing into the bottle displaces the O2 which is what reacts to solidify the mixture, replacing it with CO2. Should make the oil last a long time and prevent it from skinning over.

Good tips, worth a try!

Good tips, worth a try!


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