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Another concern I have for frets is that stainless steel rods are hard on the tools you have to use to make them, and anodized aluminum is probably even worse. I was wondering if I could get the same fret profile as Emmett gets on his Sticks if using bass frets if they could be made flat.

The thing is, people have found that tapping on normal frets makes them come out. Emmett's frets are buried in the finger board -slid in through the side- so they never come out.

Tapping is also harder on normal frets and creates grooves in them quickly hence the need for less bendable/pliable material. Could you first make bass frets flat, then harder by treating them with something, before burying them puppies in the wood?

Emmett switched to "Rails" but I like the old rods better. Could bass frets first be filed into the desired profile, then hardened somehow?

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