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Here ya go, let me know if I missed anything.  Have questions?  Just ask!


Online Fret Calculators  Print your fret scale


MusicMakers Fret Chart.  An indespensible tool which shows fret location for practically every scale length.  Many Clubhouse members swear by it.


JeFretCalc iPhone Fretting Calculator by Jef, the Phrygian Kid.  Link to iTunes store.


CB Gitty Crafter Supplies:  Fretting supplies and fretting guide  

Also, Most every part you need to build a CBG


Harbor Freight Flush Cut Saw $8.99, great for fret slots


Fret cutting with a scroll saw


Cigar Box Guitar Basic Fretting


Easy Fretting for CBG


Cutting Fret Slots With A Bandsaw/Jig


Fret Slot Cutting Jig 2


Fret Groove Cutting Jig for CBGs



Fret Calculation and Fret Markers



Nail Fret Installation


Fret Slotting with a Bandsaw  Thin Kerf Bandsaw Blades


Fret filing/Brian Parks


Nut and Bridge Slotting Tools


Printable Fretboard Radius Gauge


String Gauge Calculator





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excellent ted all in one place. no more fretting about fretting
If I use the flush cut saw, what size frets should I get from CB Gitty?
The width is usually all the same, medium height is a good place to start

Slotting a fretboard with a band saw





from Guitar Parts and More

Thin Kerf Band Saw Blades

We offer an incredible thin band saw blade that artisans and craftsmen find to be a real workhorse. Each blade is 93.5 inches in length (standard Delta/Rockwell, Jet, Grizzly, Rikon, Sears Craftsman, etc.) These blades are 1/4 inch wide with a .014 inch thickness and 14 teeth per inch (14 TPI).

These are amazing blades. Note the thickness of the blade at .014 inches. A normal blade is .025 inches thick and takes a total kerf of .035" + while the total kerf of this blade is .025". A normal flexback blade, left to run without use, has a lifespan of between 4 and 5 hours while this one has a span of 24 to 25 hours. We started to use this blade in our shop years ago to cut expensive and dense materials such as ancient fossilized wooly mammoth ivory tusks into piano keys ( key tops). The blade not only saved on the kerf in exotic - costly materials but it proved to have greater cutting abilities and a much greater lifespan than the other blades we were using - so much so that we have since switched every saw in our shop over to utilizing this blade with the exception of the saws used for rough cutting material. I use this blade to regularly slab 4 inch wide ancient mammoth ivory tusks and it does it better than any other blade I have ever used ! Works great on woods and on soft metals such as aluminum and brass.

The flexback blade stock is made by a leading European manufacturer of band saw blades and band knives. With a high silicon content steel blade and unique heat treatment technology this steel blade is one of the best carbon steel blades on the market. Don't let the 1/4 inch width fool you - this little blade can cut and hold up! 

Quality assured to ISO 9001 and certified to Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001, this leading blade manufacturer does things right.

These blades are welded here, we are in Ohio, and shipped to you via priority mail. Orders ship within 24 hours, usually within 12 hours.

Remember - we have a flat shipping charge of $ 6 per order regardless of how much you buy if we are shipping to a US address.

Click on "more information" below for instructions on properly setting any blade to a bandsaw.

The blades are $ 15.95 each. US sales only.

Thin Kerf Band Saw Blades

Description Part # Price
Thin Kerf Band Saw Blade .014" X .250" X 93.5 inch with 14 teeth per inch (14 TPI).

US sales only.
More Information
$15.95 each




Man, that's a great resource! Thanks for putting all that together. I'm looking to start making my own necks soon, so it should come in real handy


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