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I need some assistance.  I’ve got this nifty preamp and this miniature amp. I want to hook them together permanently AND I want them be able to turn them both on and off at the same time using the same switch. Preferably the volume pot utilized by the amp.


The details; the amp has a built in volume pot with a off position when you turn it all the way down. The preamp turns on automatically when you plug in a ¼” jack and off when you unplug. Oh don’t forget I want to hard wire the preamp to the amp to that method of turning the preamp on/off has got to change no matter what.


Here are a couple of photos of the hardware.

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Lots to take in, a lot of questions.  John, call me at 856 404 0411 and we'll look at this page and figure it out.  I can draw out the circuit.


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