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My method:

Cut neck to basic size - rough sand

Cut heel, which goes from neck butt to just outside box

Glue feet to heel piece - oversize so they can be cut to proper height later (feet will rest on box bottom)

Shape heel/front foot, glue to neck

Attach headstock wings and/or cut & glue scarf joint

Cut fretboard to basic size

Using belt sander on both, match width of fretboard to neck

Using belt sander or router or spokeshave shape back of neck

Shape headstock (bandsaw?)

Drill tuner holes

Final hand sand neck back & headstock & fretboard

Cut box for neck and dry fit - sand or cut feet to proper height

- - > Feet/neck should contact top & bottom edges of the box snugly

* * Using my method the neck slot goes from top to bottom of box

Drill any screw mounting holes if needed

Cut 'scoop' on the part of the neck that's inside the box so it doesn't contact box top except on outer edges

Apply tru-oil to neck, except where it mates to the fretboard

Cut fret slots

Apply lemon oil or grape seed oil to fretboard top & sides

Install frets

Glue fretboard to neck using Titebond - wipe ALL EXCESS GLUE with wet rag before it dries

A thin coat of glue is all that's needed

- - - > TIP: sprinkle a few grains of salt or sand into glue to keep fretboard from shifting when clamped

Install neck to box

Install tuners & nut


More progress pics when this build is finished...

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Pretty good set of instructions. Would like to see a shot from the underside of the blocks inside the box to see specifically what the scoop looks like. Can't wait for more pictures. 

Paul, you can see the scoop better on the bottom neck in the top pic.  It starts an inch behind where the fretboard ends and goes to about ¾" from the end of the neck.  It's there so the top of the box doesn't contact the neck, allowing it to vibrate.

Mounted in the boxes - still need to install the pickups, I'll post pics of how the neck gets notched.

I build mine very similar to this, but I use cross braces inside the box and no heel.

This allows access to the frets all the way to the box, and lets the bottom of the

box resonate. In essence the neck is suspended at both ends by "saddles".

The "scooped" area is also where I put the piezo disc---directly under the bridge.

BUMP!!  A couple guys asked


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