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Here's an archive of various Schematics and Wiring diagrams helpful to builders of homemade instruments.

This section might not be up to date, check my album Wiring Diagrams & Schematics where every diagram I've prepared is stored.

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Don't see what you need?  just ask and I'll be happy to create a wiring diagram for you.

A great source for easy to understand wiring diagrams is Seymour Duncan's Support Pages.


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They're your pickups. Stonehenge
Ted Crocker said:
This should do it, but remind me what pickups and I'll fill in the pot and cap values

Travis "SlackJack" Woodall said:
Need a diagram for wiring two Crocker pickups to independent volume controls using a 3-way switch and one tone control (to use for both pickups).
A simple circuit to combine 2 input sources to be run through 1 amp .

Mag pup, piezo, blend pot, tone, jack

Is what you need here?

If not just ask!

Hey Ted,

I'm having some trouble finding a diagram for a simple humbucker (two wire) - volume pot- jack setup.  I've been looking everywhere, but all the diagrams seems to include a tone pot as well.  Is there a reason the tone knob isn't usually left out?  

I typically wire pickups direct to jack, but this is for someone who wanted a volume knob for live playing.  

Hi Harry,

Use this one and substitute the piezo for the hum.  I would also ground the strings by running a wire from the bridge to the back of the pot.

Ted, what kind of pot should I look for for a one piezo scheme? i.e.: 250k, 500k, etc.

T.I A.


I use 500k with a piezo

Ted, The project I am working on has 3 strat pickups and I wanted to use seperate volume, tone controls for each pickup. So it would be 3 volume controls and 3 tone controls. Also I wanted to use 3 mini toggle switches to turn on or off each pickup. I am not sure how to wire this up correct or if its even possible.

Hi ted can you post a diagram for two pickups a volume and a three way switch please .i am stumped on how to wire this up . and should the bridge be grounded ?


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