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I didn't like it as it progressed but the end result has a double sound port sound that is totally cool, almost 12 stringish. so here the pic but I still can't get a video of it. I'll try this weekend, I guess I need a mic for my laptop.

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nice work mate.. i dont have any objection to you being a couple hours late or whatever.  if anybody does, please speak up?

its actually June 2 here but im other side of the date line ..

hell mate some guy round here live in 1876 :)

I cant see my pic, can you?

i can see the pic doc, very cool

hey hey, thumbs up. I also like the handmade tailpiece.

all right, it worked cool. Thanks guys, came out cool but the action is too high, it's too far gone for this tin knocker but it plays and has a cool sound. Love this idea, I've had those parts for 10 yrs and now it plays again.


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