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here are some pics of my 12 string resonator conversion. the 12 string was bought cheaply off ebay and I used a 12" drum shell as the sound-well as I do in my other instruments. turned out nice .... and sounds awesome. see my page for a soundclip. mike

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Hi mike, nice build. How did you dismantle the guitar? My current project is converting a left handed cutaway acoustic into a right handed resonator and need to get rid of the cutaway. Any suggestions/tips etc would be welcome. All the best, Chris. :)

Hi there – the neck was a bolt on so that posed no problem apart from playing with various thicknesses of shims to get it to lean back a bit.


The top was removed first by cutting off the binding strip ( I have a dremel type tool for this).

 The join between top and sides is then visible and a fine toothed saw cut along this line will free the top.

 The bracing /end blocks will need a bit of fiddling where they meet the sides but are still easy to deal with.

My top is made from a sheet of fairly good 3mm ply ( wasn’t sure if it was good enough, but it turned out great- soundwise)


 The soundwell is a 12” drumshell cut down to size as I use in my other instruments. I  reinforced it with hoops cut from the rest of the shell, and added another ring of ply at the bottom to support the cone.


…. Measure well and work it all out re-height of the top of the bridge!!


 You need a break of 10 to 12 degrees over the bridge so try for that.


Good luck and post the pics when done !! cheers, Mike


Thank you Mike, I have a Dremel and I think the tool you mentioned is maybe the round saw type blade? The sound hole should be easy but the cut away may be harder then make sound hole covers, tailpiece, biscuit and bridge. Finish off then with a bit of aesthetic flair and hope it sounds OK.  There are some pictures of what I have done so far and I will put some more on as I conquer each stage. All the best and thanks again mate. Chris. :)

hi chris - I made an attachment for the 'dremel' so i could cut rebates to add binding . I simply cut away the old binding with it. cheers, mike


Hi Mike, nice little cutter tool, very ingenious. Will have to have a ponder on that mate. Cheers for the help, all the best mate, Chris. :)


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