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I just bought an old, late '50s-early '60s Silvertone banjo from a junk store. Missing tailpiece, bridge, nut , 5th tuner and a couple of frets, but the resonator seems to be in good shape. I know it's just a crappy Silvertone, but it'd be my first foray into repair/restoration. Would this make a good Lazarus project?

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Sounds great! Pictures?????

Oh yeah. I'll upload a few pics pretty soon.

Junkstore Silvertone banjo pics


Very cool. I'm thinking of something similar for this build. I've got a broken neck on a framus long neck that I found in a barn. Should be fun

this is just what i been wanting to do how is it going . today is my birthday and i found someone with 3 left handed banjo necks one he says is a 300 dollar neck and 2 others he'll take 50 each for. i bit so while the energy is still there i'm searching ebay and here and anywhaere else i can think of to get a old beat up banjo to rebuild and learn to play like i cant remember which one played banjo Flats or Scruggs or mabe i'll settle for Roy clark but the excitement is in the making int make music. advise ,guidance ,and hints for where to look for parts greatly appreciated


Hi Mike, my banjo project has been on the back burner for a while, somewhere between the broken dulcimer and the balailaika. I really have no excuse, as all that's left is installing a new 5th tuner and then maybe tuning the head. I'm looking to learn how to play the thing, maybe this fall. Man, I'll bet it's tough to find lefty banjo necks, you likely got a good bargain. I ordered most of my banjo parts from StewMac; not much really, just the 5th tuner, cheapo tailpiece, and some narrow fret wire. I wound up making my own nut & bridge. I'm looking forward to be a-pickin' & a-grinnin'!


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