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This afternoon I found a rare treasure in a yard sale. A very old Cigar Tin with a New Jersey tax stamp dated 1926. I have mixed feeling about using it to make a vintage CBG, but I definitely want to share

these pictures with you.

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Awesome box, great find!

Yes, awesome.  It's almost archeology.  Can you make a photo showing how was maded ?  Soldered ?  If it was mine, I first spray over a protective transparent.  Then I put inside a wood box and made an amplifier, with loudspeaker/controls/imput jack on the bottom.  Or, maybe better, under the lid. 

I'm gone to see your profile and your photos,  my compliments. You shurely know the better way to make something unique with this box.  I'm very curios to see what you will do. It's a beautiful defy.

that is great what a find


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