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hi clubhouse,

just a detail, but i wonder what kind of strings is usually use for tin builds?

i put some bluegrass reso strings on a biscuit tin i've built ;i'm really satisfy when amplify ,but it not work good for playing unplugged,. so i definitely play it as an electric tin guitar

does acoustic strings would be good for playing amplify with a piezo too, or do you think electric ones are better?

what do you prefer to use with your own tin builds?

(sorry for my english, hope you understand!)




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Piezo will pick up any vibrations, you could use nylon strings or weedwhacker cord. I usually use light gauge because I am afraid the tins aren't built for the stress of heavier gauge. I have come to use electric strings on everything, Keeps inventory easy and I like the sound better. I play a lot of blues and electric guitar strings are closer to the ones used on even the old acoustic blues.


i have used banjo strings, or the 4 top strings from a guitar ( metal strings)

On my oil can banjo, right now I have Nylgut strings for the first four strings and a steel string for the drone. To up the volume, I play it with a metal bluegrass finger pick backwards on my middle finger.


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