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Does anyone have a source for a downloadable uke tuner (GCEA)?  I searched yesterday for about 30 mins and most of them are pure crapola.  Not uke tuners but a segway to put a lot of useless programs on your pooter. I spent more time uninstalling programs last night than anything else :(

I found one I really liked, but it's for the 'i" products. iPad, iPod... It was really sweet and looked like a uke. 

I have a guitar tuner on my blog they just allowed you to copy the html, but it won't work for a uke. I would appreciate any help.



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I just use a chromatic tuner. Last time I tuned up my ukulele I found an online chromatic tuner that had a mic and also had several options for guitar, ukulele, banjo, and different tunings for each too. Not sure if this helps, but its what i've got. Also my friend uses Android and has a very nice chromatic tuner app with all the stringed family settings too. He said Android app market has a lot of ukulele stuff. Hope it helps! - Alica


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