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Making plans to build my first Cigar Box Ukulele (cheaper than buying the one I want right now) and I'm curious about the strings.  I know that ukes are strung ""normally", but am I correct in thinking that the only difference is the third and fourth strings are reversed?  Was also wondering if I could get away with metal guitar strings instead of using nylon.  Just trying to use what parts I have.



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I once got a CBU in a trade that was strung with wire and it was almost unplayable....  An issue with metal is that you have to tension it up so much that it stresses fragile parts and wire is really tough on fingers when stress that tightly. 


Ukulele strings come in sets, the really cheap set have two strings (thin) and two strings (thicker) the same size.   Even in premium sets of uke strings the 1& 4 and 2 & 3 strings are very close in diameter.  You can buy sets on Ebay for less than $ 6 that will do fine.


Standard Ukulele tuning is "reintrant" where the 4 string is higher pitch than the 3&2 strings to give the familiar "my dog has fleas". You can buy "low G" string sets where the 4 string is thicker and tuned an octave lower.  This gives a more familiar guitar like tone dispersion.  It is also the way Baritone Ukulele are normally setup.


hope this helps,

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Wichita Sam






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