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Most folks have tools that have been handed down to them. The history behind these tools are priceless and cherished as history and a connection to people that used them to make awesome things in the past. To be able to use them today especially to use them to make music is awesome!

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Gramps was a mechanic back in the day (even worked on trucks for certain 'families' that transported certain 'liquid substances' in Chicago during Prohibition), so his tools are a tad brutal for music work. They still can bust a knuckle, though.
My late father left me these tools, don`t think I`ll ever use them but their neat to hold on too.

guess this was a cheap version of a drill press

We used one of these as a bottle capper for homemade rootbeer when I was a kid.

Randy S. Bretz said:

guess this was a cheap version of a drill press

This is called a breast drill. Not necessarily for drilling breasts.

Randy S. Bretz said:


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