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Anyone have plans or pics or vids of a Native American Flute?

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I have built a few Native American Flutes. In cedar, clay and PVC.

Here's a photo of a tenor NAF I built using plans by George Kelischek:
Very cool looking Alan, thanks for posting. Here it is folks:

If you are interested in the Native American Flute check out this new website........


The Flute Circle Project


Thanks to Ted Crocker for his help in getting this website started!!!

Heres a good NAF link http://www.flutopedia.com/naflutomat.htm hope it helps

red cedar flute


Howdy folks - I am trying to figure out a way to say things humbly, so maybe the best way is to just post my web site and let y'all figure out who I am.


If after viewing the web site, y'all have any questions....just ask.

Stay tuned....


Awesome crations Keith!  Please post some of your work here and show us how to's


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