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As I have mentioned elsewhere, I'm not at home in my own shed. (shop)

I'm currently living about 1700Kms (1056 miles) from my shed for a number of months so I'm having to use a relo's garage. (& getting in the poo for putting sawdust on his Audi)

I've borrowed some tools & bought a few from home.

I've already posted a few photos elsewhere of how I made a saw bench & a router table using a couple of cutting boards from the kitchen & a pine shelf to mount a borrowed jigsaw & a cheap 1/4" trimmer.

Work has started & I have a few progress shots.

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A few more shots.


And some more.

The black mat on the bench under the body is one of those Non-stick BBQ covers, great for glue ups.


I have some water based dyes to try on the mixture of timbers in this build.

I have Yellow, Orange, Red, & Cedar.

I tested them all on the various bits & worked out that I could mix a bit of Orange with the Cedar to tone it down to a Brown that is fairly uniform across all the timber that I plan to use.


Very cool shows what can be done with a few tools, a can do spirit and craftsmanship. Can't wait to see the finished project.

That is looking great :)

Cliff Rogers said:

And some more.

The black mat on the bench under the body is one of those Non-stick BBQ covers, great for glue ups.

Beautiful already !!!! Man I got to get a spokeshave !

That little block plane came with a set of cheap chisels & a sharpening stone for just under $30.

Most of the tools/clamps etc lying on the bench are either cheap ones or borrowed.

The spanners & screw drivers hanging on the wall all belong to the owner of the garage.

In the 5th picture above, lying in among the tools on the bench is a piece of 2" x 1" Ali with a strip of 80grit sandpaper glued to it.

That is my 'torture board' for sanding things true.

I used it to level the face of the neck for the fret board & I also used it to sand the edges of the neck & edges of the fret board true.

Here is a photo of it in action.

The 'sausage' thing in front of me is a bit of 4" flexible hose running from my saw/router table to a yard blower/vac set in the vacuum mode to collect the dust & shavings.


Looks like you are having fun Cliff.  

Thanks for sharing.


Fret slot cutting.


Shaping of the second neck is now finished.

Mounting blocks for bridge & pickup to screw to glued to the second neck.

Sanding is all done, necks sanded to 1200, body frames to 240, soundboards & backs to 320.

Staining is all done.

All items have at least 3 coats of shellac on them, a base coat of White shellac & light sanding & 2 coats of Hard shellac.

Taped up around the neck join to the body to make the glue easier to clean up.

Glue up is now done.

3 soundboards joined, body currently clamped to the neck of the first one drying/setting.

Mock up, front & back.

The fret board, soundboard & back have to be cut to size now.

Now unfortunately, I have to take a work break.

Tomorrow I fly home for 9 days to do some jobs & mowing so work will have to stop until Monday the 18th.


Gorgeous builds Cliff. It must be hard to leave em on the bench and not get to work on em.


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