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This just came last night, just typed it up.

Jug Band

Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.
Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.

Just a board and a box,
some stings and things,
just put it together,
now let it sing.

Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.
Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.

Just bucket and a stick
and the old clothes line.
But this washtub bass
sure sounds just fine.

Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.
Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.

Just a board and a tin,
and some pieces of wire
But this slide guitar
is gonna set you on fire.

Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.
Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.

It may be nothing
but an earthen jug
but when we break loose
you're gonna cut some rug.

Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.
Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.

Just boxes and sticks
and old tin cans,
we put them together
and made our band.

Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.
Ba dum, ba ba ba dum.

James (Bear) Peterson Jan. 25, 2014

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Sorry miss counted the ba's that should have read

"Ba dum, babababa, ba dum

Ba dum, babababa, ba dum"

in plave of what is up there. 

i just finished my first one . i think i'm in love. the action is too high and there is a strange little buzz . but i put it togather, i figured out how .sure i got advice with the hard parts like what kind of glue.no matter my question somebody knew . said don't sweat the small stuff(i guess they all knew they had been there and done that  they were once were once bginners too)like how many strings three?six? maybe two!! its done now i hold it .just hear this thing ring who would have believe  cigarboxes can sing I can't stop to talk i got ideas to put down before i forget them hey lets make one round.

first one

I haven't even been able to build my first yet aside from on paper and in my head, that song is the distillation of what I've picked up so far just this year from the fine folks here and at CB Nation, so I had to share with those who inspired it.

BTW Mike, I had to check your profile page, you and my Step son share the same name, and I didn't think he'd joined the Clubhouse or started building one, the first I'm building is being made for a Mike Miller. 

mike miller said:

first one

hey bear

I get ahead of myself all the time I go off on all kinds of tangents .since I been here I have been fascinated with all kinds of things like pezio pickups that's magic . I really enjoy making stuff .after I finished my first guitar from a cigarbox I showed it to everyone in the neghibor hood even people I don't know. I was awestruck that it made music and I could play it .ask ted I thin he started to get an unlisted e-mail if I ask one more how does this work question. but tell your stepson he's got a great name and i'll try not to ruin its reputation while I have it. hope to hear you whailing on your box soon .

A theme song!

if there is one I think it should be like david allen coe' s the perfect country song .

Hows this. I went back and deciphered a few more verses that I couldn't make out and took or the repeated nonsense line that really should be done on a bass anyway 


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