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Here's a variation on a classic...a rant of sorts of my frustration with government impotence, ignorance, and the human condition....


Katrina wasted Orleans, thousands left in pain

While survivors searched in vain for FEMA teams

Storm surge brought them to their knees--tears as thick as rain

And the world couldn't pause to hear their screams


Fate came too soon, for the poor and forgotten

Huddled 'round while mommas sang the blues

Rescue workers lost in time, holding lost love's hand in mine

Squinty said Brownie did all he could do


Freedom's just a rich mans tool for no one else to use

Tell me, does it matter when you're up a tree--oh no?

Can you tell me in a truthful lie, you didn't see the news

Were there more im[portant things to see?

Thank you Brownie, Dick and Squinty Magee


From the days of the invasion, tryin' to finish daddy's war

Ol' Squinty swore he'd find the one to blame

Through mountains of rubble, and all kinds of trouble

The soldiers pulled Saddam from a hole


With cheers of elation that spread across the world

Squinty said "We found him, so let's move on"

For years we've been fighting, for freedom's bell to ring

But it won't toll until Osama's gone


Freedom's just a rich mans tool for no one else to use

Tell me, why is it different for you and me? Oh no

When you torture us with twitching eyes, selling all your lies now

We've had more from you than we can use, you see

Goodbye Brownie, Dick and Squinty Magee


La la la.....

La la la...Squinty Magee

La la la...

La la la...Goodbye Squinty Magee


Keep on believin' as you're selling our souls

The bearded man mocks us from cavernous holes, oh yeah

C'mon now, where's Osama now, where's he at now, Squinty Magee


Lordy lordy lordy lord...

Hey, hey, hey Squinty Magee.

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