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Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters - CBG HQ

Papparazi locked n loaded at the disco

Camers poppin' pornographic picture show

Tabloids say you've got a new lover

Gonna put his highschool picture on the cover

  Silicone suicide--botox coctails

  Plastic mask--twenty four carat toe nails

  Tummy tuck--lipo 'n a hairline scar

  Paid off your shrink in the back of his car

     Chase you down while they're pushin' and a shovin'

     Virgin whore a sellout for some lovin'

     Las Vegas wedding 'n a public divorce

     Dippin' with the pool boy--runnin' naked on the golf course

Sweatin' in your lemons--yoga and palattis

Workin' up a money shot for the paparrazis

Big flirt-upskirt-glamour town

Platinum panties and an evening gown

  Detox-rehab-a long vacation

  Reality show on a reality station

  Breakdown-tinseltown-sold your soul

  See you poppin' pills down the rabbit's hole

     Chase you down-try and take cover

     (Do you) Wanna buy some naked pictures of your mother?

     Flash half smile as you're turning away

     Won't you bring the kids outside to play?



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