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This is another of my old ones, a tornado ate all of my poetry notebooks in June of 82, when it taught my mobile home to "Roll over and play dead". Three pieces from before then happened to have copies at my parent's place and surfaced again while I was helping them move up to the lake, out of hundreds. It goes back the my time as a Cosmic Cowboy/Space Cadet, and there may have been some of Dr. Albert Hoffman's most famous discovery involved. It was either that or hypothermia, either was a very real possibility. But the following took place on the steps leading into the St Paul MN Greyhound depot sometime between 2 and 5 AM, in the middle of January while waiting for the place to open. The song that I hear in my own head with it sounds a bit like Uriah Heep, somewhere between "Lady in Black" and "Bird of Prey

(Call it fantasy if you like)

I met a man in white robes,

glowing like the sun.

He talked to me of past lives,

and things that I have done.

There was a reassuring kindness,

in his eyes of azure blue. 

But I could not keep from asking,

just how these things he knew.

He said, "Close your eyes and relax,

on a journey we shall go,

And when the trip is over,

you will see how it is I know."

So I closed my eyes and relaxed,

it seemed strange, I know, but true,

And felt an eerie feeling,

as through the years I flew.

I saw a mighty warrior,

in polished brass and steel,

Who cut a path through armies,

to make the foe king kneel.

Not one could stand before him,

at arms he was the best.

But the life he led was empty,

his only friend was death.

He showed to me a wizard,

dressed in black and gold,

Who strove to find the secrets,

the universe did hold.

A man well versed in powers,

of the planets and the stars,

Who advised the fate of princes,

kings and queens and czars.

He showed to me a farmer,

dressed in the deepest brown,

Carving cropland out of wilderness,

by laying tall trees down,

His arms and back were knotted,

there were deep lines on his brow,

From years of heavy toil, with ax and adz and plow.

And when we returned the old man said,

"You asked me how I knew"

You see the wizard and the warrior

and the farmer and me, were you.

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