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Slave to Yesterday

I'm just slave to yesterday - tomorrow's but a dream

Trapped inside my memories - where no one hears me scream

Yesterday was cancelled - tomorrow put on hold

Today I'm in a cold dark room - alone and growing old

It doesn't seem like anything - can save me from this place

I cry myself to sleep at night - and dream about your face

You didn't have to say goodbye - we could have worked it out

Fate brought us together - and our love had no doubt

The only place to be with you - lies deep inside my brain

I'm just a slave to yesterday - tomorrow never came

My future used to be so bright - I held it in my hand

But now there's no tomorrow - just my song without your band

If I could change my destiny - gaze in a crystal ball

Tomorrow would be yesterday - today I'd stand up tall

I can't see toward the future - I dwell upon the past

I'm lost inside a dismal world - each day might be my last

Life goes on around me - but I don't want to play

My one wish for tomorrow - is for us...

and yesterday

Ted Crocker


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Well there went my good mood. Good writin Teddyyyy
Awesome, Ted!...., sounds like a country flavored song melody (to me).....glad to see it has a date that lends itself to times healing


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