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This is old, at least 35 years if not longer, written back when I was in tech school. It is the oldest surviving piece of verse I've written. If it helps at all the music I hear with it has a very similar feel to this one. But there is no reason at all it would need to stay like that, I've always enjoyed covers done in genres other than the one the original was made famous in. RailroadDon's song that he put to my "I Listen to the Wind (I Wonder if it Knows) is nothing at all like the music I heard with those lyrics when I wrote them, it had always sounded like a John Denver song before, I think Don's rendition is the better of the two.

What A Way To Start

I've never lived in your world,

You've never lived in mine,

Yet it seems somehow I've known you,

In another space and time.

You asked if I'm addicting,

I must admit I am,

And have been dropped like a bad habit,

Time and time again.

You say it's just a game to me,

In a way I guess you're right,

The object is to make you feel,
You've made the right choice for the night.

You say that I'm a devil,

No,a wizard's more what I am,

For stars, sparks, and fireworks,

Are there at my command.

And I can make the clock stand still,

Yes, stop its very hands,

(Sudden dead silence full 4 count then,spoken softly)

And leave you smiling breathless, 

As I lead you through my land.

(bring in the ghost of Jimi Hendrix to solo until he gets tired)

James (Bear) Peterson

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