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There are many ways to accept credit cards for your products.

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Seems like I saw something about a free phone app to take credit cards recently.

I use Square. It's reliable, it's only 2.75% per transaction. And your mney is in you bank account fast.
For me it's PayPal, about the same as square. When we had a real day-job business we used PayPal, and for a small operation like we were it was cheaper than trying to get some old-line credit.card handler. We haven't started offering anything for sale on the streets yet, but I'm sure when I do I'll get one of PayPal's smartphone gadgets. Only costs money when some comes in; that works fine for me. If it matters I can hide the 2.75% in the asking price like the big boys do.

I have the Square device for my phone but haven't used it yet. I also applied for the PayPal one but haven't gotten it yet.

Like Jeff, the small fee is just part of my product price.

It the cost of making a sale....It less than 3%.....Most people don't carry large amount of money on them...I for it...


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