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There are many ways to maintain a website for your business.

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Howdy y'all....and thank ya TED for settin' all this up.


When it comes to web sites, I ain't the sharpest-knife-in-the-drawer so I will be all ears to learn more from some of u'ins.

What has worked for me, however, is to have music on my web site.

Take a peek to see what I mean = www.GittyMan.com


I'd appreciate hearing back from y'all what ya think about my song choices.



I'm just getting started on this.  Only so many hours in a day... I need to right a lot of content. http://www.ukuleleluthier.com

i got myself some biz cards to hand out after selling my first git to a local musician who wanted to get my name out. now, i'm looking how to do some website stuff on a budget. any thoughts on where to start?


Mark I use this company. I pay $29 a month. That includes hosting and a very complete easy to understand education along with all a complete system for building your own successful site.




hey Norm. thanks for the lead. i'm at the very beginning stages of my starting any web presence and $30 a month is out of my shoestring budget at the moment. at least until i can make enough sales to justify that amount. do you have a link to your site so i can take a look? again, thanks for the lead.


Howdy there Mark....for years, I have been usin' www.DomainsPricedRight.com for my web site(s).  I got 'bout 8 web sites with them. 

They charge about $1 per year to hold your Domain Name (which is your web site name, so nobody else can use it) and they charge about $7 per month for y'all to have ya'self a 5-page fully-blown web site.  They have hundreds of templates that ya can use and add your own pictures to.  Or ya can start with a blank page and make up your own background and then add pictures.

They have some tutorials to help ya learn how to build your own web site.  Heck, even an old uneducated ridge-running hillbilly like me learnt how to do it!  And they have 24 hour FREE technical phone support.

To see how my web site came out, take a gander at www.GittyMan.com

Be sure to turn up your volume. <Grin>



hmm.... now this has my budget minded attention. thanks for the shout.


There are a number of services where you can host a website absolutely free.  Google Free web hosting.

Two popular ones are Wix and Weebly.  I am not intimately familiar with them.  Usually the setup is very easy once you have registered.  I believe they are set up similar to posting in the forums and blogs here at the Clubhouse - easy to add pics, etc.

They usually come with ads on your site, which can take away from your content.  There are also restrictions to how much you can post, and how many visitors can visit you every month.  Also, you don't get an email address associated with it.

Another annoying feature is that you don't have your own domain name.  In other words, your web site address will be 'YourCBGwebsite.weebly.com'.  In my opinion, this does not look very professional and can confuse your potential customers when trying to find your website.

However, there is an easy solution to this - register your domain name and redirect to your free site.  This allows you to use the simpler YourCBGwebsite.com URL.  GoDaddy offers this service for a very reasonable fee - under $15 for a 10 year registration.  Redirecting the name is very easy.  I use that service here at the Clubhouse.  If I didn't, our URL here would be HandmadeMusic.ning.com.

I use a paid service for TedCrocker.com - Yahoo Small Business.  It offers many more features than a free service, but comes with a monthly fee.  GoDaddy and many other hosting companies also offer this.

By the way, I pay a hefty monthly fee to host the Clubhouse.  I'm not proud, I'll gladly accept donations through the tip jar...


well... i just jumped in and grabbed myself a domain name.


build a website is the next step i guess.

Way to go pardner....y'all are gonna have some fun now, mark!


This is my FB page     https://www.facebook.com/#!/MojoboneWorks   here you can get a good look at my products i offer both past and present, with new ones coming on all the time.

Hey slackers1

If you maintain your own website and do your own HTML... You MUST learn how to use "meta tags" Especially the "keyword" Meta tag. I used to have a little GEOCITIES website and when anyone in the USA typed SURF FISHING as a search No matter how many thousands of commercial sites came up, Mine was always on top in every search engine. Of course they've made the search engines a lot smarter so you will have to learn other tags such as description...there are many many more... here is an (incomplete) list to give you an idea... None of this pops up on the screen It just sits in the background waiting for a search engine to use it to direct folks to your website.

I'm sure you've seen websites that are three pages long and the second page is blank and when you scroll to the bottom there is a full page list of keywords like this:

guitar, cigar, 2 string 3 string, 5 string, 6 string, 12 string...etc.

Now you only need (ONE) of each keyword for instance the word "string" only needs to be in the list once, the above list should read...
guitar, cigar, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, string, didley, diddly, didly, gitar, geetar,

People misspell words while searching, these misspelled words will help you catch those people too.

PICTURES: Make your pictures small because someone with a bad connection will wait about 5-10 seconds for your page to load before clicking back or clicking something else.

THUMBNAILS: are not a 1200x600 picture you grabbed the corner and dragged it to a tiny square, a Thumbnail is a tiny version of the same picture that is clickable and loads the full size picture.

Good Luck!



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