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Comment by The Phrygian Kid on February 18, 2011 at 11:04am

This is my 2nd 6 string bowljo running, the earlier one is sold, and i liked it waaay too much to just let it go..

heres some close ups and a wee comparison..

these are the first heads i ever designed 'upside down'; drawing on the underside before going to the bandsaw..  its trickier than it looks..  I like the 2nd onev(mine) much better than Daves..


the bowls are both pretty nice, Dave got the larger one, but mine has some carving..  I decided to put the strap button in the heel of the neck on the 2nd one, i think maybe its smarter than in the bowl..   Also you can see i lashed a little roo leather around dave's neck join, thats because sometimes cutting a perfect neck slot in a salad bowl is tricky..

made a couple cool little drums with the scraps of the hide too...


I also reversed the order of the octave pairings on the bass string only on my one, it just suits my playing style.. and i like the emphasis u get on the octave there, kinda like the re-entrant banjo thingy..

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