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Originally was an old guitar I got for $3 at a yard sale. Got me started on modifying, which in turn led to CBG's. 1970 nylon stringed Conn C-11.concert hall size. Now sports a single coil pu with vol/tone/jack, Super Slinky strings, passive reverb spring in body, custom oversized pick guard, custom cutaway, custom paint, hand made abalone insets to replace fret markers, and shaved 1/8 inch off each side of the wide neck and reshaped it so my fingers could wrap around it. Oh, and you know how expensive big pieces of pick guard material are...I measured and marked the first one so carefully...and it so didn't fit! Boy howdy, tell you what! Sure was glad my black kitchen trash can had two good sides! "Parts is parts". His name is Mister Conn, and I am the ConnMan.

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