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This build has been a journey of inexplicable joy. What was simply an idea, a challenge actually, to venture into a quid pro quo, or "this for that"...has transformed to this. I am quite happy.

Details: Hollow neck lap steel guitar...22.5" scale, 13-56 solid nickel strings, birdseye maple body, maple/rosewood nut & bridge, rosewood frets--pickup ring---control plate--tailpiece--strips separating body wings. Back of neck is enclosed with sinker cypress from Greg Monroe. Pickup is by Elmar's Original Flatpups (got that beauty via Mike Breen).
Finished with Tung oil.
Finish weight: 3.25 lbs.

I plugged it into one of my little 1/2 watt amps and the tone is awesome. But, since it's too late in the evening to open up a can of whoop ass with my tube amp, I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning. Then she's gonna rock. Video will follow then.

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