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The first two photos here are of my newest addition to the CBG world...portable Cigar Box Amplifiers. These are powered by a 9 volt battery and work great with CBG's or standard electrified guitars except for basses. Future builds will include AC adapters to reserve battery power and/or extend playing time.

All but one of my CBG builds are four-string and set up as baritone ukulele (A-D-F#-B).
The CBG with wing-tip trim is electric/acoustic with a lipstick pickup. The neck is local rock maple. The autograph is from Matt Andersen, who is a local blues musician in Nova Scotia who travels with Stewart MacLean ( The Vinyl Cafe ). I intended to sell this one, but it is too fun to play.
The second CBG was donated and auctioned off at a local fundraising event for a family that lost their house and barn to a fire last winter.

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Comment by Scott aka Farmer Ted on November 11, 2010 at 10:57am
OOps, posted photos on photo page before beginning this blog addition...so the builds I refer to above are the red and wooden cigar box amplifiers, and the pair of CBGs next to them (one with autograph by Matt Andersen, and one with pewter animal set in soundhole.


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