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Well, ran into my first snag on my CBG build. I don't have an measuring tool with small enough markers to accurately measure and mark my fret spacing. The tape and square I have are old, the really small markers are wore off. Guess I need to buy something new. Bummer.

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Comment by Ted Crocker on July 16, 2011 at 1:19pm

Steve, click on the link for FretFind2D in this post.  It'll allow you to print out fret positions.  I print it and use a light coat of spray adhesive to stick it on the fretboard.  You can also enter more info and use the printout for string spacing at the nut and bridge.


Can I make a suggestion?  It'll be easier for us to follow your progress on this if you keep every entry in a single blog, instead of a new one for each post.  It'll also not fill up the Blogs section on the front page.  I can help you do this if you like, or even do it myself to get you started.  Call me at 856 404 0411 if you need a hand.


Check out my blog Building the Hot Rod Guitar.  Everything, even member comments, is contained in one blog.  I usually do a blog for each of my complicated builds.


Good luck, looking good so far! 

Comment by Steve on July 16, 2011 at 2:54pm

Ted, thanks for the link. I had saw other programs you could use to make print outs but they were all for Windows. I have Mac's and Linux computers. Maybe this will help me out. I borrowed a scale from a neighbor so I was able to get this one marked.


I'll check out your blog for tips and tricks. I have already started a second build while the sealer is drying on this one. Gonna cannibalize a cheap-o electric I have in the closet and use everything but the body on another CBG.


In regards to the blog, I actually thought I was making a new post to the same blog each time but now that I look at it, I see what you mean. Guess You just add new posts to the reply area?


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