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Hi Folks!

I'm Nath. I am a hobbyist instrument builder, producer, songwriter, and i've been tinkering and twanging with guitars and auditory science for 21 years...with no professional guidance other than the internet. Everything i've created is therefore quite obviously DIY, slightly rough around the edges, produced on a buget, but retains some of the charm of a luthiers outhouse..

I landed here in search of the perfect wiring diagram to accomodate my outlandish ideas, in search of the holy grail of tone switching options on my cheap Korean electric guitar. As a beginner circuit builder i don't have the knowledge to do this on my own, but i am hoping homegrown communities like this one will be able to help me on my way.

This is my first post to this community and i thought i'd show you all a project i made 5-6 years ago. The gourtar was half guitar, half gourd. I had high aspirations as a hobbyist luthier possibly beyond my ability but i created something unique and characterful, even down to the dodgy intonation and painful fretting. As you'll see by the pictures, it was created in my worktop corner of my bedroom, and it was repurposed from a broken guitar. You'll notice the asymmetry of the thing, and the odd mistake, the painstaking hand-sanding done, the slightly off-angles, but i set out to fulfill a mad idea and went through with it.

I hope you folks enjoy this, inconsequential as it may be, but maybe you'll get some inspiration from this project and create something better! As for the sound.. haunting, full of intermodulating harmonics, slightly out of tune, sitar-esque buzzy, nonsensical.

Good day!

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