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MoJO---Fact or Fiction ???????????????????????????

MoJo - The word is such a short simple word, yet it could possibly be the most powerful word that is used in the world of music today. So powerful in fact that I have seen it completely render men blind. So blind that they end up purchasing a raunchy, beat to hell guitar that sounds like crap for thousands of dollars.  All due to an ad that explains all the MoJo that the guitar possesses.  I can't deny it's power, just writing about it makes me want to go play. O.K. I'm back after a 30 minute (no crap) playing session on my cbg, that by the waY is full of MoJo (opps, there it is again). But still I have to ask myself what does it really mean? I've heard it spoken by every musician I've ever known, but never have I heard it explained. I'm sure everyone has a different theory of it's meaningl. That's why I am starting this blog, in hopes of hearing what people Believe, or what it means to them.  From beginners to the old pro's, everyone should have an idea as to what MoJo really is. Guess I'll go ahead and throw my own two cents in as well. My thoughts on MoJo and what it meand to me.  Well it's a certain mystical almost magical power that certain guitars have and use to control the player in different ways.  Some have the power to make the player want to play loud, this MoJo is great for the player but bad for everyone else.  This MoJo causes divorces, arrest, arguments with neighbors, all out fist fights and prematurely blown amps. Oh yeah, and hearing loss. Another type of MoJo is "Drawing MoJo", this guitar has the power to draw you to its self almost everytime you play.  It can pull you in, through a maze of  guitars lined up down a wall.The next is "lost time MoJo", this is one that I have just recently named.  It's the guitar you play in which a couple hrs passes as as you play, it's kinda like you slip off into some type of trance. Then someone comes in screaming about all the things you haven't got done for the last two hrs. You scratch your head and say "wow that's weird, seems like I have only been in here a few minutes. You then look at the clock just to make sure, yep your crazy!  The next MoJo I've recognized is the "creative MoJo" , guitar's with this MoJo just seem to teach you new tunes effortlessly.  This may noT be your favorite sounding guitar but when you play it you notice you start catchin' all sort of crazy cool tunes.  The last MoJo I have positively identified is" long winded MoJo", this guitar makes you want to play for long periods of time, stop shortly and then continue. This MoJo results in more injuuries possibly than any other.  Anything from blister, to numbing of the hands and arms to outright bleeding fingers.   Is MoJo real, fact or fiction, is it just an illusion or re-occurring coincidence. As for me I believe, however I do have insight.  I build and sell guitars for a living so I get to play quite a few different guitars, I notice certain little things about them.  I don't mention it when the guitar sells, but somewhere down the line you to to the new owner and they tell you what they like about the guitar.  Then I go back in my mind and think "wow, that's crazy! That's the same way the guitar did me". So anyone out there with any type of knowledge on MoJo, where comes from or why it is what it is. Please help me explain and perhaps identify some different types that I have left out.  Yeah it's Cool, it's Crazy, IT'S MOJO!

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Comment by Hal Somervill on June 13, 2011 at 8:41am
My thoughts on MOJO; MOJO is the life form that comes from an inanimate object that when put together with other inanimate objects. Take a stick of wood, whether it be pine, oak, zebrawood, or any other. Shape it, massage it, smooth it, drill it, hang a box on it, string it, tune it, and strum it. Each act adds a living vibration to that piece of wood. Some of those vibrations compliment the others and some contradict the others, until when finished, the combination of all the individual vibrations become one single life form, which is the MOJO. That, too, is the reason why every guitar sounds a little different, just like every other life form is a little different from the others. When all the vibrations are in sync, including the player, tuning, scale, something magical will emit from the guitar. It's music to be sure, but there's something more than just musical notes coming out of that guitar. It's the life form called MOJO. We FEEL the MOJO as much as hear it. That's the beauty of what we do and probably why we do it.
Comment by SMOKESTACK GUITARS/V.MANCHESTER on June 13, 2011 at 2:54pm

Nicely put sir!

Comment by billy freedom on June 29, 2011 at 12:35am
the congolese nkondi power figure has a box on its stomach called mooya. its filled with herbs loadstones small snakes etc and is covered with a mirror. the word mooya means to bring to life. thats why its on the belly of the statue (pregnancy) belgium used to occupy the congo. belgium has two languages dutch and french. a dutch belgian would spell this word moeja the french would see this as moe-za (french j) somehow it came to be moe-joe. some nkondis have herb bags nailed to them. in america the nkond/nkisi was replaced with the ugly jug. a jug with a face filled with protection fetishes to ward off evil from the grave of a slave with no marker stone. mojo means to bring to life.  it doesnt mean sex or magic scratches on a homemade guitar.


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