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I had ordered a selection of 5 cigar boxes on line. Three of them will make guitars, one was given to the wife and the last one became my first CBG amp.

I had ordered an amp kit based on the LM386 OP amp. Some assembly required..... just a bare bones kit.

I have done some electronics work over the years but nothing like this since about 1985 in college. I wasn't to worried, for some reason a lot of what I learned all those years ago has stuck with me. There were some options that were explained in the notes on the schematic. I went with max gain and opted to wire the input and output direct instead of using the supplied jacks.

 With all the needed components soldered in place I prepped the box. I added a plate for the volume control and jack, put a hole in the side for an on/off switch and put a hole in the back for the speaker. I mounted the speaker in the back to save the logo on the front of the box.

The finished product turned out better than I had hoped.

With the Amp set up for max gain it works pretty well with the piezo pick-ups in my licence plate guitar, with my Peavey electric guitar it has better volume and plenty of crunchy distortion.

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Comment by Steven B Brittain on January 21, 2014 at 1:33pm

Can you tell me where you got the amp at and the decorative plate for the jacks.

Comment by Rick on January 22, 2014 at 10:53am

The amp kit came from Nightfire. I used this kit http://vakits.com/lm386-audio-amplifier-kit-1695 it is available pre assembled and tested for an extra $5. They have a few different kits available,  I'm working on the 14 Watt kit now.

The 1/4" jack, volume pot and knob came from CB Gitty. I picked up the power switch at a local hardware store and the plate came from a Habitat for Humanities Restore, it was originally a decorative plate for a drawer pull. 

Comment by Steven B Brittain on January 22, 2014 at 2:36pm

That rocks thanks for the info. 


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