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im obsessed with stomp box Efx im currently researching tremolos and delays any pedal fans i know it dont apply to everyone but i just put together a monster pedal board and already started a new one. i just gotta Ibenez tube screamer at a pawn shop. it ads some grit drives my preamp. compared to my didgitec Bad Monkey i like the BM best more versatile tones cause of Bass and treble controls but both are capable over drives

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Comment by Ice Bob on September 22, 2014 at 8:31pm

JamMan solo XT great buy more record time then ill ever use and you can ad SDHC cards for even more storage. Sync jacks if you wanta sync another JamMan to it. it has a mini stereo jack to import from whatever source. you can do whole songs on this i've taken tracks from my studio minus vocals and guitar and make a single loop. easy to use great to learn on instant jamin buddy. even if you would never use it in a show great for practice . runs on 9 volt i use 1spot it powers a few peddles $149.00 US

Comment by Ice Bob on October 16, 2014 at 1:02am

pPawnshop prize analog delay still testing i hope it do good slapback. 

Comment by Ice Bob on November 17, 2014 at 9:36pm

RV-7 HardWire Reverb.great sounding. lexicon licensed. lots of useable reverbs in this one. stereo or mono. put it thru the paces with the band sounded to good to turn off spring was my fav.room was another good one payed 25 bucks on craigs list. im looking for a fuzz thats fuzzy and a slow gear. coments?

Comment by Ice Bob on November 30, 2014 at 1:08pm

EHX Worm 4 modes wah phase trem and vibe. range can be extreem or subtle .speed can go from drunken stupor to lazer gun.the auto/ manual/ exp switch is for a foot controler in wah and phase you can sweep the filter. but i got this one for the trem and vibe. as far as i can tell there reversed. sweep up sweep down and vibe has a little modulation the foot controler has no effect on these modes you could use the wah and the foot its gentel. not over the top. the phase was'nt my cuppa tea .over all great trem/vibe but 24 volt means my 1spot needs help i like 9 volt effects run off the same power. its noisy but i dont mind it . theres also a strobe that pulses to the speed you set. and is off when bypased. im still looking for the swamp trem any suggestions? 

Comment by Ice Bob on December 26, 2014 at 3:21pm

ok heres one of my favorites a Sho Bud  i just got at the flea market of 10 bucks. this is a 1st class volume pedal slow even taper. thats why peddle steel players favor them. built like a tank. i like to use it in my efx loop. but it works great strait into an amp as well. i use it after delay reverb trem vibe. any time based efx. this gem can make you have that steel guitar sound out of a cigar box guitar. with delay you can make a good backward guitar sound. hope someone reads these ramblings


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