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Pro Bassist Kevin Dore joins the Leadfoot line up!

Kevin is a phenomenal musician with a wealth of experience. He has toured the world with the Geoff Everett band and supported the likes of The Hot House Flowers on a USA tour. He has also lived in both New York and Miami living as a talented session musician. 

Kev will use his talent and experience to focus on developing the Leadfoot sound and experience into a Raw Live Grit & Gravel Foot Stomping Blues show.

"Kev absolutely blew me away at rehearsals yesterday with his thumping, driving bass lines. They really fill the tracks out, keeping their character. It was like supercharging the songs, fueling them on amphetamine. Raw dirty delta blues, there really is nothing like this and I'm sure your gonna love it!" Leadfoot T

Live Shows Coming Soon!

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