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Selling some four pole custom wooden pickups

I need to make some extra money for parts to build my new cnc machine in my shop. I will be winding a few pickups this week to try and sell to earn some extra cash. If anyone is interested, please visit my website and fill out a contact form. Just visit www.jasonmay.com


They are the same pickups that you see on my instruments. Most recently the reso build. They very in value, when I finish them I will measure their outputs and post. I also have a clear/green one I've had laying around for a while that I should also put up for sale. Also custom four pole. These aren't easy to find. Ted sells some great stonehenge pickups, these are more standard in shape. I had them cut out with a laser that my friend has. Great mojo.


Thank you for anyone who wants to help support my project.


They will be $50 and $5 dollars for shipping.


Here is a preview on the left. I can let the square one go for $30. It is not as sophisticated as the others. I really like how you can see the coils through the clear pickup. After my cnc machine is finished I think I will make a few clear ones.


Very low availability right now. I have these three and then there will be two more this week. Thanks!

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