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20, 2010, steven smith-- dewy said… just a short story:
in december of last year (2009) i was a fairly ill man , feeling down , sick , and honestly didnt care about much of anything----at the end of dec. i was told i was in very bad need of a triple bypass, and i was scared too death, i had recently strated visiting cigarbox nation prior , and they have a chapel group there , i gotta tell ya those people were sooo great and caring , and more than anxious too say a prayer for anyone that felt they needed it (was a real heartfelt experience), strangers as well s people i become aquainted with prayed for me alot , i hadnt yet built any cigerbox guitars , but surgery ent well , and i had met a few folks on theat site , one imparticular (johnny yowell)or L J as we called him was in that bunch of folks that i met in CBN.
He pulled me aside , in private conversation , and said "i wanna help ya out if i can",andhe said if you can afford the shipping , i want to send you a cigarbox guitar so i had something too do , while i was recovering . God Bless you LJ---anyways , in the meantime , Lj and another man( Randy B retz)-excellent crafter and crver , invited me too join in on a club scene called the Handmade music clubhouse, the people there were soo full of knowlege and ideas for building , and repairing , a well as just making all round fun musical instruments ...Ive come too meet and know quite a few folks there , and they are all great people , and id like too say thankyou all for all the support and info. as well as the opertunity too learn from and with you all
TED CROCKER , youve been a real influence on me with your awesome builds and instruction in guidence, all i can say is thankyou , and that comes from my heart ... we have a gathering of sorts coming up in september (3rd4th5th), and i gotta say , i just can not wait to shake some hands and give a few hugs , too some wonderful people .. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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Comment by Ted Crocker on July 20, 2010 at 8:47pm
Brother Dewy, you're part of a family now. A dysfunctional family, but at the end of the day we have a place to call home. Glad you're feeling better, you sure add a lot to this insane asylum. Labor day is gonna be a blast and I can't wait for some in person handshakes and hugs - and laughs and MUSIC!

Thanks for the thanks...
Comment by Ted Crocker on July 20, 2010 at 8:48pm
...and VENEER!!
Comment by JoJo on September 21, 2010 at 10:11am
Well, the gathering has come and gone. And, YES, hugs and hand shakes with these good friend (nuts) in the clubhouse is a memory I will never forget. VENEER!


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