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I thought I'd post some pictures of the work process. The idea was to make a really cheap electric guitar. Expectations were pretty low since this was my first buld. I didn't have a clear view on what the finished product will look like. Only that it will have 3 strings and no fretboard. Everything else was decided on the fly.



I got the wood from a local hardware store for 5€. It's from an oak table top.



Glued these together to make a neck-thru body.



Since I don't have all the proper tools I had to use a knife to shape the neck.



It's getting there...



Lots and lots of sandpaper and it turned out quite nice.



I had to thin out 1 inch from the headstock so I just put a knife on top of it, closed my eyes and hit it with a hammer. Luckily it chipped towards the right direction. Otherwise it would have had a very short scale.



The nut i made turned out to be too small so I ended up replacing it with a bolt.


Don't have a router so I used a cordless drill to make the cavities. The drill bits were extremely bad even though they were the cheapest. Who would have guessed..



Cavities done.



It's not a good idea to drill the string holes by free hand. They are almost in a straight line.. If you look at it from an angle in poor lighting.



*Voi perkele* D'oh.. I knew this would happen.



Few finnish curse words later I decided to try to fix it. Glued the piece back in. No one will notice.. Yeah, sure...



Head stock after first coat of tru-oil.



Few more coats and it starts to shine. I have to say this is really great stuff. Really easy to spread (I used my fingers) and dries in couple of hours. Well it's not fully dry in couple of hours but you can handle it without leaving fingerprints and you can add a new coat. It hardens when it dries so it gives you a lacquer type surface.



Good enough..



This is the most satisfying part. Installing the hardware..



Finished!! The sound is quite good. Or bad.. Depends on what you like. More pictures of the finished product in my page.

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Comment by Randy S. Bretz on October 24, 2011 at 1:24am
Awesome build ....looks great !!!!
Comment by Roger Morin on October 24, 2011 at 3:44am
Wow thanks for the blog love this guitar. Might hace to make my own now, you gave me a lot of help with your build.


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