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Well, after a few cold ones as it is hot as hell here in South Louisiana I got back to it on my first CBG. Noticed a couple mistakes I have made already getting in a rush to get 'er done but nothing that cant be fixed. I got the slots cut in the box. Ruined the first box by not double checking my markings before I cut. Glad I got a bunch of boxes. Neck fits in pretty good!


I got the neck sanded down pretty smooth. I then made another mistake and added a coat of sealer to the neck.


About half way through sealing I realized I didn't add the fret markers or cut the groove for the nut. Oh well, I'll add tham and then sand her again and add another coat of sealer. Guess tomorrow after this coat of sealer is dry we'll fix those mistakes and get back at it. Guess I should of printed the tutorial out and kept it by my side while working. I guess after I do a few of these it will all be2nd nature.


More to come, stay tuned!



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