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Acoupla free downloadables are posted at the link, below...I'm slow to get things "done"  life keeps me jumpin'...all are tunes you have heard here, anyway....but have a peek, you might want to sign onto bandcamp...free! (so far)

my page at Bandcamp...I'm  just getting acquainted with the adds, edits --if you click the pics, you will arrive at the songs (or CD, which is not a freebie) .....anyway, I hope to get some more songs posted as time permits...:-)  found out that files must be WAV to upload......so I will have to convert a few of my favs, as many were recorded in simple mp3. OH, life is BUSY,..no time as yet for that canoe ride this summer, maybe by the weeks end.....(I hope!)  :-) Cheers!




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