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Joker's Videos (20)

  • Ottie's Crossroads

    Ottie's Crossroads

    Crossroads performed by Joker on a 3 string cohiba built by Ottie Noble of Crossroads Cigar Box Gui… Joker Jul 7, 2011 98 views

  • Joker- Knowledge

    Joker- Knowledge

    3 string fretless Time Bomb Cigar Box Guitar, Djembe, stream of conscience vocals Joker Jun 12, 2011 5/5 stars 36 views

  • Beginnings- John The Baptist II

    Beginnings- John The Baptist II

    So, it's funny, one of my least favorite things about my vids is the beginnings. That part when I a… Joker Apr 28, 2011 37 views

  • Death Letter

    Death Letter

    A live recording from a 7 Hills Stomp rehearsal. Dual stereo mixed from a Tascam DR-07 and a Zoom r… Joker Apr 28, 2011 5/5 stars 34 views

  • John The Revelator

    John The Revelator

    Recorded on the 3 string Time Bomb. Elemental on drums and backing vocals Joker Mar 9, 2011 5/5 stars 60 views

  • Welcome to the Machine

    Welcome to the Machine

    This is a a sound test of the Tascam DR-07 I got for my birthday. I wanted a digital recorder to us… Joker Mar 9, 2011 33 views

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