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Clock The Wolf's Videos (105)

  • Old Mr Barnface

    Old Mr Barnface

    Mike Snowden 3 string cigar box guitar with a Bob Harrison pickup. Pignose amp. Cheapo Danelectro e… Clock The Wolf Dec 8, 2013 74 views

  • High Lonesome Howl

    High Lonesome Howl

    3 string reso. Film clips featuring Roscoe Holcomb and his world. https://archive.org/details/TheHi… Clock The Wolf Dec 1, 2013 76 views

  • 4 String Reso

    4 String Reso

    Silica Sound glass slide. Fender Champion tube amp. Danelectro tremolo and echo pedals. G# C# F G#… Clock The Wolf Nov 16, 2013 91 views

  • 3 String Reso

    3 String Reso

    Tuning: GDG. Amp: Pignose. Slide: Mojobone. Hat: Steam Freight Trading Company. Cigar: Padron. Clock The Wolf Nov 15, 2013 100 views

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