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  • Double DB

    Double DB

    This is my first attempt at playing 2 Diddley Bows, a 2 string and a 1 string Denys Lord Mar 8, 2010 4/5 stars 180 views

  • Chopsticks.m4v


    This has got to be one of the hardest songs I've learned yet, so simple on the piano but a differen… Denys Lord Feb 21, 2010 3/5 stars 59 views

  • Christmas Chaos

    Christmas Chaos

    This is a video made by Belinda, I think you all know her, she also did the music. Denys Lord Dec 24, 2009 34 views

  • Smile


    Smile composed by Charlie Chaplin, ukulele played by Denys Lord Denys Lord Dec 17, 2009 3/5 stars 52 views

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