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So I bought this a couple weeks ago with the intention of chopping off the neck and using it for something else. But I cleaned it up today and, you know, the sickness....this is a pre-war guitar and while no Martin, I'm having a hard time with the thought of taking a saw to it.

I have two more of this same guitar in playable condition already, I don't t need a third. The back is coming unglued and every brace on the back is loose in the guitar. One brace is missing. 4 out of the 6 brass gears are missing in the tuners but the bakelite is in reasonable shape.

Here are my options:

1. Does anyone else want this project? $40 plus shipping and it's yours, but you promise not to chop it up.

2. If you want it and you want me to fix it, I'll do it for $150 plus shipping, which is a lot of work if I have to remove the back to reglue the braces. (or for 150 I'd also sell one of the already playable ones.)

3. It goes back on the shelf until I either have the guts to chop it or I find someone who wants a squareneck.


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but i font want 3 of them!
Sell it to me:)
sure thing Bob! you want it fixed or as is?
Well give me a price both ways. How about a trade for pickups ?
price is in the above note $40 + shipping as is, $150 if I fix it, I prefer as is... Pickup trades are always cool with me. I just dont want this guitar to die....
sold, errr, traded to bob...
This guitar will live on, Thank Harrison.

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