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Other than the obvious, diddley bows, is there anything I can do with the extra strings I have laying around? I have a three string guitar I need stringing and they are the only strings laying around. What if I put them on? Any good tunings for a guitar that has 6, 5, 3?

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One way to find out... try it and test it at different tunings to see how it sounds. What's the worse that can happen? Waste a string?
I always get confused on the numbers. If your 6th string is the top fat E string then I would do a EBE. give or take a half step.
If your 6th is the skinny bottom E I would do GDG give or take. If its the Skinny strings you can also try a reso to increase volume. I never like the volume I get out of the skinny ones.
"first" is the highest (in tone) string, 6th is the bassiest...

I had the same situation... I built a two-string fretless and used a 5th and a 6th.... Ended up quite the little miniature bass! Great for playing "16 Tons"..
I use all the strings in some configuration or other... except for the 2nd B string.

I have hundreds.

Any ideas?
you could give them to me i make the 1st 2nd and 5th strings myself.

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