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So I was traveling thru kansas this weekend and decided to look up Sam. He graciously invited to his house. We chatted about building and playing for maybe an hour. I got to check out how he builds and got some great insight into another builders technic and style. Its the first time i' ve been able to talk to another builder face to face. The chat room is great but there its definitely advantages to a face to face. I was thrilled to be able to put a real person to a screen name, and I think our encounter went very well.

It was so kind of Sam to take time out of his busy Easter weekend to talk to me. He's a great Human, and a wonderfully creative builder.

I recommend next time you travel to take a few minutes, see if there's anyone on the members map on your way and give them a jiggle. I don't think you'll regret it.

Thanks Wichita Sam

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Thats cool Matt,....but thats whats so awesome about the fest in sept. there we get to spend 3 days with are fellow builders, not just face to face talking about are builds but bring the whole " clubhouse " idea even more personal. For myself it`s the highlite of being a member here. Even though it`s alittle hardwork settin it up, it`s well worth the outcome ! It`s kind of like a family reunion...it don`t get no better !!!
Awesome, I'm so excited for the fest. Hopefully we can get a good turn out. If you all out there thinking about coming, stop thinking and just make it happen. Hope to see you there!



The pleasure was all mine.  As fun as working thru the forums are, in person is great.  Any kind words you had for me, I return doubled.  It was a busy time for sure, but I am pleased to have share it with you. 


I think that we are starting to reach a 'critical mass' in the CBG world now.  If you care to look around you can probably find another builder or 2 or 10 within driving distance. 


Let the music roll, but enjoy the company of your fellow travelers.


the best,


Wichita Sam

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