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Advice on making a wooden banjo ring.... of sorts....LOL

I am making a  banjo of sorts to give to my local VW bug club to use in their silent auction.  All the money goes to local children's cancer charity " Buggn' for a Cure".

Any way I made the body out of 3/4 oak ply (used for cabinets).  Cut into a 14" circle using my rotozip and sanded to finish it off.  The back I will mount an early VW hubcap that I made a channel to mount the hubcap in.  The front I want to use a banjo head, but need to make a ring to mount it to. It was a royal pain cutting the body free hand and don't think I have the skills to cut a ring free hand from  the same material.  Looking for ideas on how to cut a ring od of 11" and about 1/2" thick and 1/2 to 3/4' tall for the head to rest on.  I plan on cutting out the center of the body for sound to resonate off of the hubcap.  Any tricks on cutting the ring I need?  My Craftsman Roto zip type tool came with a circle attachment but the two main pieces used to mount it are missing and Sears only still offer one of those two parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  go figure.  So any ideas, tricks, home made magic a different way to mount using???? 

Thanks all in advance.

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Do you have any available for sale?

I will in about a week or so.  Today is pretty much the first day in the shop.  Everything is still packed.  I have to finish constructing a wood floor (hopefully done today), then I can unpack.  I have a few Gold Nuggets packed somewhere...

Cool, let me know when you find them.  thanks

Rick, thanks for the banjo break down, and thumbs up on the gold nuggets. Here's a little more detail as to how it will be looking.  I will be painting the body VW factory logo colors of a deep blue on the back and white on the front, might even hippy it up with some flowers.LOL  Hope to get the head done up with Buggn' for a Cure 2014


made the spacer and brace for the neck.  It will slip over the body ring and glue in place, any thoughts as to whether I should dowel it also?  And if the dowel should also go into the bottom of the neck when attached?  Appreciate any and all advice.



Update.  After thinning the neck to a more playable size I decided to to round it some. MISTAKE!!!! lol rounded the front not the rear.  So had to shave about a 1/4" off, which made it a rectangle again.  Added a top layer to where it looks like a fret board has been added to a blank.  Long story short, does anyone have a diagram for the layout of the fret placement?

This is a 4 string banjo, 17 or 19 fret.  Thanks in advance, and try to post up some pics soon, but thought I was posting too many so laid back some.... lol

Well if it can con go wrong it usually does! after all the work the neck is too short! lol not sure how I did it but I did. Nut to end of neck is only 15 3/4" not long enough I think. Unless some one knows of a scale that will fit that length? SQUARE ONE! lol


Well I panic'd when I didn't need to. Found a banjo scale that worked for the length I had and after searching every where I thought to check the first canjo I made for my son with an old 5 sting banjo neck and sure enough it was the same size.  Well a 1/8" shorter but below the last fret so no problem.  Got the neck fretted so here's a quick pic of the neck and back of the body, VW blue and will have hippie flowers on it to when done.. lol.  Still have some sanding and filling to do to get rid of the grain in the paint.  Front will be VW white... c'y'all

Square one! was told by a friend the banjo would have a dead sound to it becasue the hub cap was mounted into the body and need to be raised off of it to allow soud to radiate out. So pulled the cap off and filled where it had cut it out to recess the hubcap lip. So my question it how far should I raise the cap off of the body?
Right now I have spacer that will raise it abouit 1/3" and one that is about an inch. I also added another layer to the head mounting rim for strength and keep sound it. any help? thanks

Well took it apart, filled, painted and remounted the hub cap with about 3/4" rise now.  Actually looks better and hope it will make it sound better then it would have had I not made the change.  so here's a quick pic of the new look.


Quick pic of my progress, wondering if I should go ahead and put a piezeo pickup under the head?  If so should I attach it to the head under the bridge as usual?  


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