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Howdy y'all,

I just finished up writing a brand spanking "NEW" book on making the CBG.

Rather than steal my own 'thunder', I think best y'all just wonder over to my web site and take a peek for yaselfs.

At only $8, its a real bargain.

Here ya go....


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Howdy y'all - Thank ya for supportin' my work. 

In less than two months, almost 200 of y'all have bought my

GittyMan CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual.

(I sincerely 'ppreciate that.)

I have had quite a bit of feedback....seems folks like the fact that every single detail is covered to make a CBG from start to finish....I have not had any questions from the manual on how to do somethin'.

The company that markets and handles all the mailin' etc have raised their cost to me....so by Sunday I'll be raisin' the price of the GittyMan CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual from $8 to $14.

If'n y'all know some 'first timers' who need a simple instruction book, please let 'em know.

Thank y'all....



For what it's worth, I used Mordicai's book to make my first cbg and was quite happy....so many ways to make them, it was nice to have a blueprint to follow on the first one.  Making my second now, and changing some stuff up a bit, but I think it was worth the price of the book to keep from messing up the first one.  plenty of good pics in it and walks you through the process. 


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