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Has anyone experimented with placing sound holes on the top side of the body on either side of the neck?  Kind of like jet intakes?  I am considering it for a new build and wanted to know.

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yeah tried it didnt like it on the bottom,  you only need one close to your face side

sounds like a cool idea. ive tried side sound hole a couple of times to good effect - go for it and see how it goes

Ive had good luck with the 3 holes on the soundboard. although Ive tried em almost evrywhere.
2 on board front & rear, 2 on top of box (cant see) and 3 up each side of soundboard. Definitly better louder sound when holes are on soundboard. when I do a plate reso I try to do 1 soundboard even though its covered and 2 on top.

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