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Obviously with a trick.  Look at the photos, you will see the aluminum and the stainless steel bowl. It's easy, I will wrap around the hole a copper foil (the same used in stained glass) and the same around the bowl, then I can easily tin weld. Nex time I will show how to do with photos.                 P.S.  I've used very good nips to cut the aluminum, see photo

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Second step


Third step.  Mother nature is the best designer, I look at flowers and find the way.  There is more work to finish, I have to weld the inside and then outside again for estetic purpose.  The hole at the center will be closed, I've done for centering.


Coming along great Mario!  I added the photos to some of the posts.  When you post you can click the Image icon at the top of the comment window to upload and they will show up in the post.

Thank You, Ted. This metal story is my Christmas gift to all of you.  If you look back the photos, there is one of a first attempt tha I've left down.  Tecnically correct, but estetically not.  Then I've studied the problem as an artist, I remembered things as "golden section" and all they make in the Liberty architectural/artist period.  They refere to Mother Nature.  It was an illumination, I make it in a hurry, and I'm shure that if everybody in this world can live in accord with Nature things will be better. Flower power !  :-)  Merry Christmas and happy new year !

I'm back from holydays. In the photo you see the wood frame ( 3 laminated) and the rusty basket. Today I will fix it.



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