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Amazing banjo/guitar/bass/percussion automated jukebox machine

This fantastic instrument made by us at RagtimeWest.com is slightly used and factory refurbished. Features Guitar and Banjo with Bass Synthesizer and 15 percussion sounds. The percussion consists of High Bongo, Low Bongo, High Agogo, Low Agogo, Bass Drum, Snare drum, High Woodblock, Low Woodblock, Cymbal with crash splash and ride, Tambourine, Maraca and Cowbell. The PC will hold more than 30,000 songs. Makes organizing the music a cinch. A coin op is available. Simply touch the screen to display the library.  25 songs included, thousands available at $10 each.. Oval glass in bottom, just wider. 48” wide, 79” Tall, 25”deep. 275 pounds.This is a Master Piece created by us at RagtimeWest.com It retails in our catalog for $44,450. It contains an automated guitar and banjo along with 14 percussion instruments.

Available on eBay for $29,950

Some pics, and vids:


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Amazing. That thing is so complex that I can hardly comprehend the knowledge the team that built this has. Music, electronics, animation, robotics. Crazy awesome.

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